Production started in 1985


Our company is member of a group of companies founded in 1954. The group's garment production and export activities started in 1985 and continued to grow year after year.


In addition to being a supplier for world-renown brands, we also closely follow all novelties and trends in our industry, and we are a pioneer in applying them. With the help of our in-house embroidery and screen printing facilities, we can execute the most challenging and complex artworks. We also take pride in our high-quality customer service, from close follow-up and communication to sampling and timely delivery of the quality product. 

Istanbul Tekstile Factory Production

What we do

Quaility and Complience Certificates

Production Speciality

We specialize in manufacturing premium, high-volume, time-sensitive garments for the world's leading brands, specializing in jersey, interlock, and cotton-blend garments.


Our production contains almost all lines in this field. We specialize in the production of premium garments for ladies and men.

We are vertical, and we produce our fabrics. Our fabric department can make every type of knit fabric, from simple to complicated jacquard, engineered stripes, and piques. We are also very well experienced with prints and embroidery.

Production starts from yarn, and the thread is transformed into finished fabric ready for cutting and sewing, using the latest advances in technology and state-of-the-art knitting, dyeing, printing, and fabric treatment processes, with a highly automated, fully vertically integrated manufacturing complex that ensures a fabric and garment quality that our customers can count on.

Certificates of Quality

We have many certifications and approvals obtained from International authorities and world-famous brands.

Some of them can be listed as follows:


Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production certificate from AAFA


Standard 100 Certificate tested for harmful substances


Empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains


Factory Audits and approvals from:

Arcadia Group, Tesco, Primark, Sainsbury, Reiss, Peter Werth, Dunnes, Next, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Wal-Mart, Puma, Gymboree, Osh Kosh B’gosh, Sears, J.C.Penney, Land’s End, Gap, Target, and more…

​Istanbul Tekstil is an active member of Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (İTKİB) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO).